Why Optimum

1. Performance

The Optimum 9200, 9400 and 9900 models are some of the industry’s fastest blenders, with a speed reaching close to 50,000rpm they are designed to perform a variety of functions with ease, including but not limited to blending smoothies and juices, grinding nuts & grains, heating soup, freezing ice cream, kneading dough and much more.

2. Durability

The efficient carbon brush motor, overload protection switch, hammer-forged stainless steel blades, and unbreakable Polycarbonate or Eastman Tritan Copolyester jugs are a testament to the Optimum blender’s durability, designed to outlast expectations in both a domestic and commercial environment.

3. Reliability

All parts used in the Optimum blenders are manufactured around the world, using the highest quality materials able to withstand both domestic and commercial applications. Each factory is ISO900 and/or ISO9001 certified, and has decades-long reputations manufacturing blenders for other high-quality global brands

4. Design

Sleek, simple to use, easy to maintain, self-cleaning and looks great in a tidy kitchen or a busy juice bar. Optimum blenders are available in various designs, with the option for a dial or buttons, a small 1.5L or large 2L - 2.5L jug, and a range of colours including Red, White, Cream, Grey, Black and Silver.

5. Warranty

All Optimum blenders are covered by a comprehensive International Warranty supported by service centres around the globe. In the unlikely scenario something goes wrong, rest assured your blender will be inspected and repaired swiftly and efficiently. Some distributors also offer an optional temporary blender to ensure you spend no time with no blender.

6. Support

In addition to the support offered by our distributors, the Optimum After-Sales Team is available to answer all your questions using the Contact Us form. Wanting to know more on making the most of your new appliance, seeking more recipes or requiring technical assistance, we are here to help through the life of your blender.

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